E-Mail Marketing

For any business that uses email to communicate with customers and prospects, following email best practices, following the law, and keeping your email practices up-to-date with changing standards, is of critical importance. Marketing Expectations, Inc. (MEI) wants to help you stay in touch with your patients, prospects and target customers by utilizing e-newsletters, surveys and sales alerts so you can drive traffic to your website and valuable sales.

Not only will e-mail marketing strategies help you solidify existing relationships but it can also help you gain new customers and convert one-time visitors into repeat and long-term business. This frees you up so you can spend your time doing what you do best – running your business or busy medical practice.

With MEI’s expertise and experience, your company will benefit from:

  • Content creation for e-newsletters, surveys, and sales alerts
  • Online campaign management, including analysis and summary reporting
  • Email list management, segmentation, and contact integration
  • Assistance with audience identification, content development and template design
  • Online signup tools will be utilized to grow mailing list
  • Ability to include PayPal for purchases and donations
  • Ability to have e-newsletter archives for website press rooms

To learn more about our email marketing solutions, contact Lynne Andrews or call 770-886-5606.